Thollem’s Accepted Levels Of Strangeness: Collaborations with Andy Kaufman

Thollem's Accepted Levels Of Strangeness: Collaborations with Andy Kaufman

Tuesday, May 29th

Hallwalls presents Thollem’s Accepted Levels Of Strangeness: Collaborations with Andy Kaufman

Tickets: $10 in advance, $15 day of show at, Babeville Box Office (M-F 11a-5p), or charge by phone 866-777-8932

Buffalo — “Accepted Levels Of Strangeness” Think on that, then consider this: Thollem, the ever-eclectic pianist/keyboardist/composer/singer-songwriter, has decided to finally re-imagine the songs he created during his collaborations with Andy Kaufman, post-mortem. Here’s how Thollem tells it: “On Feb. 23rd, 2002, Andy Kaufman visited me in a dream which was the start of a series of collaborations together. These post-mortem meetings resulted in a collection of songs that was eventually released on Personal Archives in 2016 titled ‘Always Put On Your Sincere Face’. In these dreams, we worked together just as I do with people who are presently living. We were like old friends from the start. Each morning I’d work the songs out to develop sketches and record them the best I could with the equipment I had at the time. Andy asked me to wait awhile before I disclosed our collaboration or share the recordings with anyone and that I would know when the time was right. For a variety of reasons I feel like the time is now.” Ryan Masteller (Critical Masses) wrote about the original album: “Thollem is an adept medium for Kaufman, reciting the words that the two of them worked on while providing a typically Thollem-ian virtuosic piano backdrop. The result is one artist living within and through another, each experiencing the other with mutual respect and admiration in a spirit of artistic discovery. Tracks like “Advertising Exists to Create Needs That Don’t” are miniaturized grand statements, as if the obvious wink and nod Thollem and Kaufman direct at the audience belie an ultra-serious challenge to examine what it is the two of them are actually talking about. In fact, Always Put On Your Sincere Face is such an Andy Kaufman thing to do (release an album of material recorded actually after your death) that I’m not convinced in the slightest that Thollem’s not putting one over on us. I’m buying that this is the real thing, and that Andy Kaufman is behind it.”

It’s time to go live, and 9th Ward is the perfect venue. Thollem’s coming with a new keyboard and a sampler of infinite possibilities at his fingertips. As always, this is something expertly delivered … and completely different. Of course. With Thollem, we expect no less.  After a long weekend, get out to experience this concert that will be profoundly enjoyable! “An indulgence in a remarkable inspiration” (Critical Masses)

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Date(s) - 05/29/2018
8:00 pm

341 Delaware Avenue
New York
United States