Marc Scibilia

Marc Scibilia

Friday, September 5
Marc Scibilia in the 9th Ward

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At heart Marc Scibilia is a New York born American singer-songwriter, with a little East Nashville flair. His latest EP The Shape I’m In is a strong opening statement from a charismatic singer who is hard to pigeon-hole. If you were bold, you could say Marc Scibilia’s new record is the realization of an American dream, one that spans multiple generations, numerous cities and multifarious influences. Scibilia is currently in the studio he owns in Nashville, working with Butch Walker towards his first full -length album.

Scibilia grew up in Buffalo, which he credits for developing his very “genuine” outlook. And a tough skin. “It’s very cold there,” he says, laughing. “It gave me this ‘get the job done’ mentality. I’ve got three minutes and fifteen seconds to do it right.” It took a few years, but Scibilia eventually moved to Nashville, recording and releasing a few EPs — including a self-titled 2012 release, which included the song “How Bad We Needed Each Other,” a #1 hit on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart— as well as landing tours with the likes of Dave Barnes, Derek Webb, John Oates and Sixpence None the Richer.

For his Sony/ATV debut, The Shape I’m In, Scibilia recorded in his home studio (“guitars in the kitchen, vocals in the closet, drums in the main area”), with some additional production at the famed Blackbird Studios and Electric Lady Studios. “I like the mix of two worlds: making music in my house, then going somewhere and getting some of the greatest experts in the world to help,” he says. Within a day of being in his studio in Nashville, he realized that having Butch Walker involved as a producer felt like a real path into the future for his songs as Walker has an uncanny ability to elevate singer/songwriter sensibilities into an excitingly modern sound that people living in 2014 naturally understand. While he’s released music before, Shape serves as a real introduction to Scibilia, who proves both a huge talent and a tough artist to classify.

As for songwriting, it is an emotional and personal thing for Scibilia. He had to learn that through trial and error — and a lot of both. By the time he turned 21, he spent the better part of two years writing eight hours a day—as if it were my “job.” Scibilia would wake up and fill pages and pages with stream-of-consciousness thoughts in order to “exercise that muscle.” These days, when inspiration strikes, he says he “feels like I intuitively know how to shape it into something useful.” Album standout “Shining Like America” shows the captivatingly powerful wordplay Scibilia is capable of as he tells a semi-true “be careful what you wish for tale”.

With the EP finished and a full-length expected sometime this year, Scibilia is hitting the road soon and often. Along for the ride: multi-instrumentalist Eric Montgomery and Scibilia’s brother Matthew, a well-respected session player in his own right (including gigs with the likes of Cory Chisel and Brendon Benson). And a bit more family: a bass that once belonged to his grandfather. “He never made it out, but that bass has toured all over the country,” says the singer. “In a way, I hope this is a realization of his dream, too.” That said, what happens next is Marc’s journey. And he plans to make it a unique one.

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Date(s) - 09/05/2014
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